Sports & Department of Physical Education

  • Sports students are always special students for us.
  • Sports examination is compulsory for first year students.

Specious Indoor sports room with sports office is available for sports students.  This space is used for Yoga and Karate training and all indoor events.

The sports room is equipped with:

Indoor game kits, such as:

  • Sets of chess
  • Carom boards
  • Table tennis table
  • Judo Mats
  • Yoga Mats

The Gym instruments are available for students for free, such as:

  • Strength Air bike
  • Spin bike
  • P-L 909 Physique
  • Pro-momentum, trade mill
  • 3 HPAC for AB board body solid
  • Twister with stand (Heavy duty)
  • Leg press/ Half squat machine
  • Body solid GLPH- 1100,
  • PEC machine GPM- 65,
  • Rubberized weight plates
  • Electronic weighing machine
  • Height measurement stand

Ground activities:
Volleyball, ball badminton, Kabaddi and Kho-Kho, Long jump, discuss throw and shot put events.

Basketball ground:
Basketball ground is situated closer to the College. This facility is also shared by sister organizations.