Examination Rules and Scheme of Marking

  1. There will be two examinations in an academic year.
  2. Every time student has to fill the form and examination fees.
  3. First examination will be of 60 marks and conducted by College (Internal Term End Examination)
  4. Marks obtained in this examination will get converted into 20 marks and added to the annual examination marks. One should get minimum 8 marks (out of 20) for passing.
  5. Student failed in this examination has to appear again (next year) for internal examination.
  6. No reexamination will be conducted.
  7. Annual Examination will be of 80 marks (Including practical, orals etc.). One should get minimum 32 marks for passing, out of 80, conducted by University of Pune.
  8. Total 40 marks are required for passing.
  9. Allowed to Keep Term (ATKT) is allowed only up to two subjects.
  10. Mobiles are not allowed in the examination Hall. It will be confiscated without any appeal and student is not allowed to continue the paper.
  11. Student should carry Identity cards and Hall tickets in Examination hall and they should be shown as per demand.