Best practice 1

Title: ‘Udyogini Divas’

To inculcate entrepreneurship skills

Maharshi Karve established the samstha for upliftment of women with an objective of women empowerment through education.   Shri Siddhivinayak Mahavidyalaya is the first college giving higher education to the girls. The college aims at increasing competency of the students by providing facilities for holistic development along with traditional education. Majority of our students are perusing higher education, some of them are working but very few of the students step into business ventures.

Practice: Every year, the department of commerce organizes ‘Udyogini Divas’ to channelize the entrepreneurship skills among the students. Students are asked to sell their own products in the flea market. Various stalls of food items, jewellery articles, trading items, and clothing are arranged. All the preparations, organisation and financial processes are solely handled by the students


  1. Before putting the item for sell, they have to decide the price which is competent with the market. They have to keep a balance between quality, price and demand. Students develop the price awareness.
  2. Students learn to manage real time problems. Students improve their marketing and problem solving skills.
  3. They are able to make profit loss statements and can identify new business strategies or opportunities within existing business to generate more profit.

Best practice 2

Title: Tribute to Indian leaders

To create awareness about the contribution of social reformers and enriching students with their literature.

Many Social reformers have worked on many social issues like widow remarriages, caste system, women education etc. They have sacrificed their lives for the society for improving living standard. Our students are future nation creators. It becomes important to sow the thoughts of great Indian personalities into young minds.  This practice aims at creating awareness about their valuable contribution and motiving our students to read the literature so as to inculcate social values in them.

The College pays tribute to the idols on the occasions of birth and death anniversaries. Their photos and information are displayed on the screen.  Students are asked to talk about the personalities and their work. Their literature is displayed in the library and students are encouraged to read the material.

Following days are celebrated

  1. Maharshi Dhondokeshav Karve (18th April & 9th November): Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve established the institute with an objective of women empowerment though education. Tribute is paid to him with Ashramgeet. Importance of girl education is emphasized every time.
  2. 15th August: It is celebrate every year with all other colleges in the institute. The event is marked with flag hosting by chief guest. Various cultural events are organised through which the patriotism is inculcated among students.
  3. Gandhi Jayanti and Lal bahaddur Shastri (2nd October): This day is declared as ‘Swacchata Divas’ in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi. The values of trustworthiness, peacefulness are recalled and plugged in students.
  4. Babasaheb Ambedkar Mahanirvan Divas (6th December) :
  5. Shivajayanti (19th Feb): We have a very good history of Shivaji Maharaj who gave tough fight against Adilshahi and Neejamshahi and gave justice to Marathas. He is inspiration to many young minds. Students look upto him for his courage, management skills and victory.
  6. Mahatma Phule Punyatithi (28th November): Mahatma Jyotiba Phule and Savitribai Phule sacrificed his life for women education. We express our deep gratitude by praising the occasion.
  7. Teachers’ day (5th September): Teachers day is celebrated in the memory of Radhakrishnan. Students organise various events for teachers and show their gratitude towards them.
  8. Marathi Bhasha Din (27th February): This day is celebrated on 27th February to mark the birth anniversary of V.V. Shirwadkar. There have been potential literature like Novels, Dramatic, Kavita Sangraha in marathi which can change the face of the society. It is one of the ways to pay tribute to the poets, writers and making students aware about their literature and linguistics.
  9. Mathematics day (21st Dec): Mathematics day is celebrated in the memory of Ramanujan. A quiz competition is organised for the students.
  10. Science day (28th February): National science day is celebrated on 28th February in the memry of C. V. Raman. Exhibition is displayed and made open to everyone. Some documentaries are screened for students. Students are taken to visit national institutes like NCCS, NCL, IUUCA, various departments in universities. This helps in development of scientific temperament amongst students.
  11. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti (14th April) :
  12. Environment day (5th June): 5th June is promoted as environment day to create awareness about the environment and its effect. It raises the importance of healthy environment and issues related to environment.
  13. Constitution day celebration