About the department

Department of Chemistry was established in academic year 2014.Till date our four batches have passed out. Our department has a well-equipped laboratory. We have qualified and experienced staff.

As per Savitribai Phule Pune University Syllabus

Class Theory Paper Practical’s
F.Y. B.Sc. Physical and Inorganic Chemistry Practical Course in Chemistry
Organic and Inorganic Chemistry
S.Y. B.Sc. Physical and Analytical Chemistry Practical Course in Chemistry
Organic and Inorganic Chemistry
T.Y. B.Sc. Physical Chemistry Practical Course in Physical Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry Practical Course in Inorganic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Practical Course in Organic Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry  
Industrial Chemistry  
Environmental Chemistry  

Number of the Students


Course Class Strength
B.Sc. F.Y. 82
B.Sc. S.Y. 84
B.Sc. T.Y. 33
Sr. No. Photo Name Designation Qualification Experience
1 DhananjayBhalerao Dhananjay Bhalerao Assistant Professor
M.Sc. Organic Chemistry, NET 5
2 Dr-TusharGosavi Dr. Tushar Gosavi Assistant Professor M.Sc. Physical Chemistry, Ph.D.Post Doc. 1
3 YogitaMhaisne Yogita Mhaisne Assistant Professor M.Sc. Organic Chemistry, B.Ed. 6
4 Sucheta-Joshi Sucheta Joshi Assistant Professor M.Sc. Organic Chemistry 9
  • Pallavi Kasar from T.Y.B.Sc. has cleared IIT-JAM entrance Examination held on February 2018

Guest Lecture Series

R.V. Kashalkar
(Former H.O.D Chemistry S.P College Pune)

Dr. R.V. Kashalkar briefed on various basic Analytical techniques which include GC, HPLC, MS, and NMR etc. All these are basic instruments which are required for the analysis of various chemical samples. Its principle along with the instrumental diagram was briefed on ppt. Along with these technique, a TLC thin layer chromatography technique which is typically used by SY and TY BSc students during the practical’s  was explained along with some examples.

Aruna Joshi (Lab. In-charge IDRA Pune)
Topic: Analytical Chemistry and its Applications
Date: 11 September 2018

Mrs. Aruna Joshi explained applications of all Analytical techniques. She  explained the analysis of samples from various industry from food to drug industry. She quoted various examples of sample and approach towards its analysis.

Other Activites

  1. Visit to GMRT Khodad,Pune on 21/12/2018
  2. Visit to IISER Pune on 09/01/2019

Programme outcome

After completing bachelor ‘sdegree in Chemistry ,students should understand the concept of chemistry along with the skill to handle various instruments in the laboratory e.g. pH meter, potentiometer, conduct meter etc.

The Student must have knowledge of basic mathematics while studying Chemistry. It is essential to have a good communication skills with conceptual understanding of the subject.

Course outcome

After BSc in Chemistry various carrier fields are open for students e.g. pharmaceutical, paint, polymer, food industry. Apart from this , the student can approach for various institutes for their Master Degree.