About the department

The Department of Botany was established in 2012. The subject is offered to Students at F.Y. level only. In keeping pace with the advances in various aspects of Plant Sciences, the department introduced short term certificate course in Plant Tissue Culture. To introduce students with plant diversity, visits are arranged.


Term I: Plant Diversity (Paper I). Industrial Botany(Paper I)
Term II: Morphology and Anatomy(Paper I). Industrial Botany(Paper II)


Sr. No. Photo Designation Qualification Experience Resume
1 GayatreePanadare
Gayatree Panadare
Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Botany) 7 years pdf-icon

Activities (since 2018)

  1. Short term certificate course on Plant Tissue Culture (PTC)
  2. Social awareness campaign on the occasion of Nagapanchami
  3. Ecofriendly Ganapati making
  4. Industrial visit for F.Y.B.Sc. Students
  5. Parent teacher meeting
  6. Intercollegiate competition for Junior College Students: JIDNYASA

Course & Program outcome

The Students learn differences between cryptogams and Phenerogams.They also start identifying plantdiversity along with botanical names. They also acquire sectioning technique, knowledge about Mushroom Cultivation , Food preservation, Fruit Processing and application of Botany in Industry.

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