About the department

Commerce Department was established in 1990 as a pioneer department of Shree Siddhivinayak Arts and Commerce Mahila Mahavidyalaya (now called Shri Siddhivinayak Mahila Mahavidyalaya). The Department has grown notably along with thegrowth of the college. In 2005, the department grew vertically as well by adding post-graduation programme – M. Com. Due to good response and demand of the students ,the Department started second division in 2007 and third divisionsin 2012 indicating horizontal growth of the department.

Sr. No. F.Y.B.Com. S.Y.B.Com. T.Y.B.Com.
1 Compulsory English Business Communication Business Regulatory frame work
2 Financial  Accounting Corporate Accounting Advanced Accounting
3 Business Economics (Micro) Business Economics (Macro) International Economics
4 Business Mathematics & statistics Business Management Auditing & Taxation
5 Organisational Skill Development Elements of Company Law Costs & Works Accounting – II Or
Marketing Management – II
6 Marketing & salesmanship Costs & Works Accounting – I Or
Marketing Management – I
Costs & Works Accounting – III Or
Marketing Management – III
7 Marathi Or
Additional English

Strength of the Students (2018-19)


Course Class Strength
B.Com F.Y.B.Com 393
  S. Y. B. Com. 314
  T. Y. B. Com. 261


Course Class Strength
M. Com. M. Com.-I 54
  M. com.-II 50
Sr. No. Photo Name Designation Qualification Experience
1. Dr-Vandana-Kulkarni Dr. Vandana Kulkarni. Vice Principal, Head of the Department M.Com., M.Phil, P.hD, SET, MA (Eco.), ICWA (Inter) 26 yrs.
2. Dr-SubhashPawar Dr. Subhash Pawar. Asst. Professor M.Com, MA (Eco.), MBA, LLM, M.Phil, P.hD. 22 YRS.
3. Dr-Arvind-Shelar Dr. Arvind Shelar. Asso. Professor of Economics H.O.D.Economics M.A. (Eco.), SET, P.hD. 25 YRS.
5. ShaileshTribhuvan Dr. Shailesh Tribhuvan. Asso. Professor (H.O.D. Marathi) M.A. (Marathi), M.Phil, P.hD., NET 25 Yrs.
6. CA-MinalParanjape Dr. Minal Paranjape Asst. Professor M.Com., MA (Eco.), MBA , M.Phil, CA, CMA, SET, P.hD. 12 yrs.
7. Vaishali-Deshpande Dr. Vaishali Deshpande. Asst. Professor M.Com, M.Phil, Ph.D., M.P.M., G.D.C.&A 15 Years
8. PradnyaShirude Dr. Pradnya Shirude. Asst. Professor M.Com., MMS, P.hD., NET, SET 10 yrs.
9. ShrideviPatil Dr. Shridevi Patil. Asst. Professor MA, SET, M.Phil, P.hD. 8 yrs.
10. Siddhi-Inamdar Siddhi Inamdar Asst. Professor M.com, B.ED,SET 5 Years
11. Raghunath-Gavali Raghunath Gavali Asst. Professor M.A. B.ED, SET 4 Years
12. AishwaryaInamd Aishwarya Inamdar Asst. Professor M.com,M.Phil,NET, GDC&A, P.hD( Pursuing) 10 Years
13. Vikrant-Palatshah Vikrant Palatshah Asst. Professor M.Com., NET 9 yrs.
14. AnaghaChikte Anagha Chikte Asst. Professor (H.O.D. Sports) B.Com, M.Ed(Phy. Edu.), SET 23 yrs.
15. PallaviTarade Pallavi Tarade Asst. Physical Director MA, M.Ed (Physical Edu.), SET 7 yrs.
16. ShalakaSahasrabudhe Shalaka Sahastrabuddhe Asst. Professor M.Sc.(Mathematics) 6 yrs.
17. RavindraShinde Dr. Ravindra Shinde Asst. Professor M.A, (Marathi), B.Ed, NET, P.hD.  
18. DhammanandaOwhal Dhammananda Owhal Asst. Professor M.A. (Eng.), NET, SET 4 yrs.
19. Sarika-Deshpande Sarika Deshpande Asst. Professor BSL LLB, LLM, DLLLW, DCIPRL, DHRM, GDCA 8 Yrs ( Visiting Faculty)
20. Ashwini-Bhalerao Ashwini Bhalerao Asst. Professor MA (Eco.), M.Phil, P.hD.(Pursuing) 2 yrs.
21. VidyeshGandhe DR. Vidyesh Gandhe Asst. Professor (M.Com.) M.Com, M.Phil, MA (Eco., Philosophy), D.C.F.A., P.hD 18 yrs.
22. Alka-Mistry Alka Mistry Asst. Professor (M.Com.) M.Com, NET, SET, P.hD.(pursuring) 10 yrs.
Paper and Publications by Faculty
Sr. No. Name of Faculty Title (With details) ISSN/ISBN Year
1 Dr. Vandana Kulkarni Characteristics essentials, Qualities for growing startups in entrepreneurship   Jan 2018
2 Dr. Subhash Pawar 1) Use of technology in education impact and impediment.   Jan 2018
2) Entrepreneurship and Qualitative techniques i.e. Kaizen in AMU. ISSN: 2454:8499 Jan 2018
3) Problem faced by business community in GST implementation   Feb 2018
4) The Passion of continuous Improvement i.e. Kaizen in AMU. ISSN – 2277-5730 Feb 2018
5) An analytical study on the contribution of soft skills of an entrepreneur into the success of startups in IT sector in India: The perspective of economic reform policies designed after 2013 – 14 ISSN – 2454-8499 Feb 2018
6) Use of technology in education – impact vs impediment ISSN – 2394-207X Feb 2018
Kaizen: A way of continuous improvement for management (UGC Approved) e-ISSN 2394/7780
Impact Factor 7.12
12th& 13th Oct 2018
3 Dr. Minal Paranjape 1) G.S.T. a good employment Creator   Jan 2018
2) Impact of GST on Income Tax   Feb 2018
4 Dr.Vaishali  Deshpande 1) A Study of Challenges of being a women entrepreneur   Jan 2018
2) A study of previous tax structure and GST   Jan 2018
3) A Study of Recent changes in Banking Sector ISSN – 2454-8499 Feb 2018
5 Vikrant Palatshah Digital India- A Platform towards Digitization ISSN – 2454-8499 Feb 2018
6 Siddhi Inamdar Demonetization ISSN-2454-8499 Feb 2018
7 Dr. Pradnya Shirude. 1) Grassroots Innovation: Key to Overcome Challenges ISBN (13): 978-93-87572-21-8 Jan 2018
2) M- Commerce: Indian Perspective ISSN-2454-8499 Feb 2018
8 Aishwarya Inamdar 1) Issues of women employees in corporate world. ISBN: 978-93-87317-13-0 Jan 2018
2) Entrepreneurship and Qualitative techniques i.e. Kaizen in AMU. ISSN: 2454:8499 Jan 2018
3) The Passion of continuous Improvement i.e. Kaizen in AMU. ISSN: 2277-5730 Feb 2018
Kaizen: A way of continuous improvement for management (UGC Approved) e-ISSN 2394/7780
Impact Factor 7.12
12th& 13th Oct 2018
9 Alka Mistry A study of recent trends in agriculture and rural development in India ISSN: 2321-3832 Jan 2018
10 Dr. Vidyesh Gandhe 1) A study of M.B.O. technique and productive management ISSN – 2454-8499 Nov 2017
2) A study of Kaizen as efficiency enhancing tool   Feb 2018

Research Details


Sr. No. Title (with details) Sanctioned Amount Status
1. Dr. Subhash Pawar
Title:  Details
Study on Organizational Culture & Financial Performance with respect to cooperative sugar Factories in Pune District
77000 Completed

Faculty Achievements

Sr. No. Name of the faculty Achievements
1 Dr. Vandana Kulkarni PhD was awarded to one student under her guidance
2 Dr. Subhash Pawar PhD was awarded to two students and M. Phil was awarded to 4 students under his guidance
3 Dr. Minal Paranjape Best Faculty Award by CMA,Pune Chapter
She was awarded PhD by SPPU in Aug 2018
4 Siddhi Inamdar SET qualification in Jan 2018
5 Aishwarya Inamdar Attended convocation ceremony of ICICI skill development center as a Chief Guest in May 2018.
6 Dr. Vidyesh Gandhe He was awarded PhD by SPPU in Sep 2018

Students Achievement:

Rank Holdersin SPPU

1. Ketaki Kulkarni – 6th Rank
2. Pushkarni Joshi – 10th Rank

Other achievements

1. Company Secretary (CS) – Kajal Kabara
2. National Institute of Security Market (NISM)Exam Cleared
– Radhika Lad
– Afasana Shaikh
– Shilpa Labhade
– Kajal Kabara

Course & Programme Outcome

PO 1: After completing three years of Bachelors in Commerce (B.Com) programme, students should gain a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of Commerce and Finance.

PO 2: The commerce and finance focused curriculum offers a number of specializations and practical exposures which should equip the student to face the modern-day challenges in commerce and business.

PO -3 The all-inclusive outlook of the course offers a number of value -based and job oriented courses which   ensures that students are trained with up-to-date knowledge