About the department

Establishment:BA- 1990  MA- 2005
A Student who has successfully completed the major in Economics will be able to:

  • Apply the Analytical and Theoretical framework of Economics in the investigation of social problems and policy purposes
  • Apply the Mathematical and Quantitative tools of Analysis for both Problem Solving and Analytical Purposes;
  • Appreciate the role of Economics in dealing with social problems by other Social Science Disciplines.
  • Develop skills and knowledge that provide a foundation for pursuing lifelong learning and a socially responsible life.
  • To Prepare our students for graduate education.
  • The Economics Department started in 1992 at Siddhivinayak college in under UG level after that in 2004- 05 M.A in Economics  started in our college.
  • In 2005 only 5 students in Economics department the Economics department of Siddhivinayak college help and support the student to developed subject knowledge as well as career as result the number of student increased.
  • At initially the department started with only 5 students in 2005.after that in 2006 it was in 2007 number of student were more than 24. in this way finally the number of total students are 117 in 2016-2017 Specialization (B.A.,M.A) in Economics Departments of Siddhivinayak college.
  • From 2005-2017 well experience and qualified professors in Economics Department teaches the students.
  • Finally mostimportant thing is that result of eco department in 2015-16, 95 percentage student passed out in Economics Department. it was continuously stable after M.A. Many students joined college as well as school as a teacher and that is proud moment of Economics Department.


Course Class Intake Strength
BA SYBA 60 30
BA TYBA 60 37


Course Class Intake Strength
MA MA Part I 60 25
MA MA Part II 60 14
Sr. No. Photo Name Designation Qualification Experience Resume
1 Dr-SanhitaAthawale Dr. Sanhita Athawale Principal M.A. Ph. D 28 pdf-icon
2 Dr-Arvind-Shelar Dr. Arvind Shelar Associate  Professor MA SET, Ph.D. 24 Years. pdf-icon
3 ShrideviPatil Dr. Sridevi Patil Asst. Professor MA, M. Phil, SET, Ph. D 8 Years. pdf-icon
4 Avinash Tayde Asst. Professor MA NET 7 Years. pdf-icon
5 Sachin Kalel Asst. Professor MA NET-JRF., Ph.D 6 Years. pdf-icon
6 Ashwini-Bhalerao Dr. Ashiwini Bhalerao Asst. Professor MA, M.Phil. (Ph.D. Appear) 2 Years. pdf-icon
1) Swachta Abhiyaan Report
Department of economics had organized a cleanliness drive of 06th 2018. In this drive SYBA, TYBA, MA Part I & II students participated. In this drive economics department students clean the economics department and college campus. In this drive Dr. Kalel and Prof. Tayade. Explain the important of cleanness.

2) Quantitative Techniques Report
Department of economics had organized a Quantitative Techniques refresher course date- 27/08/2018. In this programme prof. Ghatage and Prof. Shalaka Sahtrabuddheguien the lecture. This college has 8 dayes and all arts, commerce, and science students participated. In this course 60 students participated. For the in all quration Dr. Shelar, Dr. Patil, Dr, Kalel had present.

3) Poster Compotation
Department of economics organized will poster compotation at 15/09/2018. In this compotation SYBA, TYBA, MA. Students participated. In this compotation present their Atal Bhihari Vajpei, Macro Economics, International Trade, Stock Market etc. In this compotation 20 participated and 3 students selected of a winnings. Principal Dr. Kulkarni and HoD Dr. Arvind Shelar given his valuble part for the organized of this compotation. All planning and organized by Dr. Kalel, Dr. Patil, Prof. Tayade.

4) BhaubijNiddi Report
Department of economics organized lecture about BhaubijNiddi on 03/08/2018. In this lecture SYBA, TYBA, MA PART I & II student participated. In this lecture Principal Dr. Kulkarni given the valuable speech about Bhaubij Niddi . Principal Dr. Kulkarni and HoD Dr. Arvind Shelar report for the planning and organized at lecture. All planning and organized Dr. Patil, Dr, Kalel, Prof. Tayade.

5) Guru Pornima Report
Department of economics celebrate the Guru Pornimaan 07/07/2018. In this celebration SYBA, TYBA, MA part I and II had present. In this celebration Dr. Kalel given speech about the at mentor. All planning and organized Dr. Patil, Dr, Kalel, Prof. Tayade.

6) Essay Writing Report
Department of economics organized the Essay writing compaction on 37/08/2018. In this compaction SYBA, TYBA, MA I &II students participated. In this compaction present their essay about GST, Modern Banking, Diester Managemt etc. Principal Dr. Kulkarni and HoD Dr. Arvind Shelar given his valuble part for the organized of this compotation. All planning and organized by Dr. Kalel, Dr. Patil, Prof. Tayade.

Term II

No Activities Name Date
1 Presentation 12/10/2018
2 DebateCompetition 19/12/2018
3 Aurangabad Trip 25/1/2019
4 Buject Bhittipatrak 5/2/2019
5 Gokhale Library Visit 8/3/2019
6 NET- SET Workshoop 13/3/2019

Arvind Shelar

Project Completed (Minor)

  1. Problems of University Financing: a Comparative Study of University of Pune and Goa University (Under University of Pune, BCUD Funding `. 50000)
  2. Soc-Economic study of Scheduled Cast with Special reference to Ahmednagar District (Under Savitribai Phule University of Pune, BCUD Funding `. One Lac Forty Five Thousand)
  3. Maharashtra State Commission for Women, Sponsored Research Project entitle ‘Study of problems of tribal malnourished children in Maharashtra” (MSCW Funding `.Two Lakh Fifty Thousand )

Ongoing Project :((Major)
ICSSR, Sponsored Research Project entitle “Finance of the General Grantable Colleges with Changing Context to Globalisation:  Special reference to MaharashtraState.”     ( ICSSR Funding `.Eight lakh)

Research Article

  • Research as an Interdisciplinary Approach of Educational Institutions i.e. Finance View- Vidyawarta (2018) Feb:2018 ISSN 2319-9318
  • महाराष्ट्रतीलविद्युतनिर्मितीएकचिकित्सकअभ्यास(co-author) Research Direction Research Recognition Interdisciplinary Research Journal, April -2018.Vol-V, Issue- X. ISSN 2321-5488 5.1723(UIF)
  • उदारीकरणाचेमहाराष्ट्रविद्युतनिर्मितीआणिवितरणावरझालेल्यापरिणामांचाअभ्यास. (co-author) Review of Research International online Multidisciplinary Journal, April-2018, ISSN- 2249-894X Volume–VI, Issue–VI. 5.2331(UIF)
  • Evaluation of Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme in Maharashtra (co-author) Scholarly Research Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies
    Oct –Dec, 2017, Vol -6  Issues-34 , ISSN 2349-4766,online ISSN-2278-8808,Impact factor 6.011(SJIF) Page No:881-884

  • Performance of Pradhan mantra Fasal Bima Yojana In India(co-author) International Multilingual Research Journal Printing Area -Problems and Prospects of Indian Agriculture ,Vol -1 Special Issues .Feb 2018 ISSN 2394-5303,Impact factor 011(IIJF)Page No:61-65
  • Socio-Economic Development of Scheduled Castes and Government of Maharashtra’s Dalit Vasti Sudhar Yojana (co-author ) International Research Fellows Association’s Research Journey-Multidisciplinary International E- Research Journal Vol-V Issues-2.(April-May-June-2018), ISSN-2348-7143 Impact factor -3.452,Page No:25-29

Details of membership/positions at various University Bodies.

  • Savitribai Phule Pune University, work as Coordinator of Economics Subject under the Provision of the Section 48 (3) (a) of, the Maharashtra Public Universities Act 2016.   Now member of Savitribai Phule Pune University, The Board of Studies in Economics Under, the Maharashtra Public Universities Act 2016.Sec 40(b) 2.
  • Maharashtra Public Universities Act 2016, College Development Committee
    Constituted under section 97 of this Act, Member of College Development
    Committee as Head of Department.

2) Dr. Shridevi Patil


  1. Recognized as a Post- Graduate Teacher under the faculty of Humanities in the subject of Economics with effect from 06/02/2018.
  2. Recognized for Guiding and Teaching M.Phil under the faculty of Humanities in the subject of Economics for the period of eight (8) years with effect from 06/02/2018 to 05/02/2026.


  1. Participated and presented research paper in National Conference on Goods and Service Tax on 9th February, 2018 to 10th February, 2018 at Smt. Hiraben Nanavati Institute of Management & Research for Women, Pune. Published research paper on ‘Impact of GST on Indian Economy’ in Jidnyasa, vol.11, issue-2, March, 2018, ISSN-0973-7936.
  2. Worked as a Research Head for the Research Project on ‘Effects Of Burnout On Health And Job Performance Among Working Women’ at Baya Karve Stree Abhyas Kendra in 2018. Project Sanctioned by Maharashtra State Commission for Women, Mumbai.

Avinash Tayade

) मातंगसज्ञेचाअर्थसक्षमसमीक्षा, संपादकडॉ. शैलेशत्रिभुवन, ISSN- 22314377 सप्टेंबर२०१८पाननाव. ५०
२) Implementation of Total Quality Management– ISSN-2455314

Course Outcome

‘Refresher course on Quantitative Techniques’: Students become able to do basic mathemational calculations they become aware about practical and Mathematical economics.